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Eyeing through my camera and voicing through my pencil, carving memories as I go by – an engineer by profession, an artist at heart!

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“An idle mind is an artist’s workshop” – I had so much fun creating this Bougainvillea piece of art, and...
I used to be a great Miley Cyrus music addict a long time back, humming along when I get to hear them. This...
Hi, all! I dug out this article from an old pile ( written nearly six years back, while in school). Hope this might help scoop up and relive your childhood days, and maybe, open up the doorway for the long lost innocence and purity..!!   So here goes. Enjoy..   Let me start off by...
Photography has always been and shall forever remain the bridge that links me with nature. Being my first blog I want to take you on a ‘Photo-cruise’ of a few  of my best-loved clicks. Rummaging some of my old stocks, found this guy goggling at me, face to face. Strolling through my yard clicking pics is one thing that makes time fly for me 🙂 and this yellow fellow is one among my regular visitors..!! Photographed nearly a year back, the smile that I see on its face is what adds this pic to my ‘fav’ list. I never get enough of clicking dragonflies. Their vibrant colors just let me want to keep that smart-shutter running for more pics. Now, why is this one on my fav list? Well, I just loved the way it posed its blood-red tail in this greenish-white background for me 😉...

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