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If you consider the subcontinent of India as an enormous tortilla chip, what would its nachos topping be? I would say her radiating and vibrant culture would do the trick, certainly will add a different taste to each bite! (Trying to keep you, readers, up and live by tucking in some horse-feathers… don’t judge I was stuck without an intro!). With that said, India does have her name listed among the top culturally rich countries. To adorn each piece of our culture we have varied festivals and fetes, with the kite festival being one amongst them.


Makar Sankranti, celebrated under myriad names such as Utaaryan or Pongal, is a harvest festival that marks the transition of the sun into Makara Rashi (the zodiac sign of Capricorn). Feted on the 14th of Jan every year, Makara Sankranti opens the doorway for spring thereby shutting out winter.

It is on this day that we believe “Surya Bhagavan” visits his son Shani. Makar Sankranti is celebrated with much whoop-de-do’s, including taking a ‘snaan’ in any sacred river, distributing sweets made of jaggery and til (why til? ‘Coz its sticky property symbolizes family bond), and of course flying kites!


A beautiful butterfly kite spotted during kite festival Bangalore 2018.

Name an event and it will be listed on social media and that’s exactly how I got to know about this kite flying festival – an event that was organized by Rotary Bangalore Lakeside.

Having checked up the venue on Google maps I decided on which bus to catch:


As the event was being held at Bbmp ground in HSR layout, I boarded the 356CW bus – direct bus from electronic city to HSR. Got down at HSR apartment (it took nearly an hour to wade through the traffic) and gave myself a long, more importantly, needed walk.


“Pause the mundane, Take Time & Just Fly a Kite!” – a luring tagline indeed

After my really long walk, I reached at around 930 am, and what I saw… man I was so darn early!!!!!!  People were still scurrying around setting up stalls, decorating the whole place, and transforming the arid ‘maidan’ into a festive mood. By the time I roamed about a little and took a long rest under the only tree I could find, a few kites were up – Heels on the road, shutter clicking!

Roving around without any idea on ‘what next’ was when I stumbled upon an ex-president Rotary Bangalore Lakeside (how lucky!), who introduced me to Tanvi. A blogger/volunteer as myself, she explained how this was “an event for a cause”. Funds raised during the kite festival would be used for some wonderful foundations including:

  • Screening of children for CHD and pediatric surgery
  • Running crèche and diagnostic center for the needy part of society
  • Adult literacy program
  • Maintaining Iblur park

You can go through the different events that they organize here.


kite festival entranceKicking myself up from bed at around 6:30 in the morning, I scurried to the BBMP ground to see the stalls, oh no no…the hoardings at entrance being put up. Ya, I was way too early :’D. Anyway, this was how the entrance looked like once they were done with the decors and arrangements. Pretty isn’t it? – worth the wait!

art by cancer patients

Handicrafts by cancer patients.

Had the privilege of meeting the managing trustee of Hope for Cancer Patients (HCP), Mrs. Seema Singh. In addition to spreading awareness on cancer, HCP also engages patients through the routes of art and craft.

Kite festival 1 volunteer flying kite

There is no age to attend a kite festival. Fly a kite or not… there is absolutely no bar to have fun and enjoy! I got to see so many happy faces, small kids to teenagers to adults to oldies, and mine was one amongst them 🙂 #content

kids at kite festival1

Met these pretty young ladies, Radhika and Kaveri. Unaccompanied by adults, running behind broken kites, picking them up, trying to mend them, and fly! Their face lit up when I asked if they’d like to pose for my lens.

fancy kite 2 fancy kite 1

#showtime Colourful fancy kites at Bangalore’s largest kite festival and this round one was such a rebel. It just refused to fly :’D. I had to wait for about 15-20 min for this. Check out how this one went round and round here.

Apart from kites, their flea markets intensified the fun.

kite festival flea market full view

Rummaged through the different stalls, purchased a few items, and got a serious hole in my pocket!


The lighting was so magnific that we couldn’t help clicking!

Shopaholic? Here are a few vendors I would suggest:

  1. Sujata Banerjee, Glitz fashion jewelry: Go visit Glitz@jewelzworlds on facebook for really cool Indian jewelry. I got a tribal neck-piece from them, and believe me it was gorgeous!
  2. Menaka Nayak, Beads and Blingz Creations: request more info on their products at          beadsandblingzcreationz@gmail.com
  3. Kajal Kamdar: enquire more at kajal7375@gmail.com for beautiful Indian wears.



#InSearchForFood – A food truck run by Pallavi Parthiban (street zeria)..

I am not a foodie, but the circumstance made me one, the aroma leading me into a state of reverie.

That is it folks! An illustrious end to our first kite festival. Even with the sun boiling us down, the prickly heat, and the itchy flaky skin, we managed to have so much fun! and of course click DP’s for an aeon ;). And as always… I’m happy to experience yet another Indian cultural event.

Do you celebrate Makar Sankranti? Let me know how its done at your place 🙂


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Kite festival….sounds good fun…

Something new to be added to my info storing side of the brain…

Great work…proud of you my lil sis.. wonderful…keep it up.

A good photo feature..

That rebel kite, say a lot… “going against conventional thinking is not a necessary ticket to fly high unless you have your fundas right.. so get that right first”

I like your style…keep going

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