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It’s 1:00 am and I’m wide awake, yes the midnight oil’s still burning. Doing anything “constructive”? – moon-gazing, munching on a piece of yummy tea cake, banana flavoured, and rummaging through my Super Blue Blood Moon shots – letting myself be carried away by the auld lang syne’s of a perfect lunar eclipse “I” have ever witnessed. (I know it has been just a few weeks… but it sure does feel like forever… forever as in 1866, maybe! 🙂 )

A super blood?A what? Read on to find what the commotion was all about!


  • Super moon, when the Moon is closer to perigee, has been in the limelight for some time now, with photographers being smitten with it.
  • Blue Moon, something we’ve often come across in phrases like “once in a blue moon”, is what we call the second full moon in a month having two full moons.
  • Who knew there would be more prefixes to adorn a moon. A blood moon, the moon we get to see during a total lunar eclipse, is as red as blood and hence the name.

The night of 31st Jan, 2018 got to witness a super moon, in fact a super blue blood moon, once in a blue moon sight indeed. Scroll down to see how the moon looked as it loomed above the buildings of electronic city, Bangalore (PS: Keep screen brightness to maximum).

blue blood moon 1

First view of the moon that evening.

super blue blood moon 4

super blue blood moon 5

super blue blood moon 6

That’s just  us getting all cranky, trying to bottle the super blue blood moon.super blue blood moon 7

As the eclipse started to recede.

Missed this years super blue blood moon? not to worry, there are more of super moons, blue moons, as well as blood moons up this years sleeves… watch out for them!


  • March 31st, 2018 : next Blue moon. 2018 is a year of double blue moon after 1999. Keep your eyes open for this one as you are not going to witness this until 2037.
  • December 31, 2028: yes, a 10 year wait to see the next blue blood moon! Something worth to watch on a new years eve!!
  • July 27-28, 2918: Next total lunar eclipse

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