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Hampi Roadtrip from Bangalore, 3-day Backpacking itinerary

Hampi is one among the major getaways from Bangalore if you are looking for a 2 to 3-day backpacking road trip. Need a guide to help prepare the perfect itinerary? Let me help you plan that perfect Bangalore to Hampi itinerary

Quick navigation to help you plan your 3-day backpacking roadtrip from Bangalore to Hampi:

  1. How to reach Hampi
  2. Places to stay and dine in Hampi
  3. How many days do you need to cover Hampi?
  4. Best time to visit Hampi
  5. A day by day itinerary to plan your Hampi road trip from Bangalore
  6. What to pack for your road trip to Hampi

Buried amongst the “Boulders of time” lies myriads of stories… ballads of rajas and their queens, tales of wit, bravery, and justice all waiting to be unveiled. Yes, Boulders yonder there stood a land that once flourished, where happiness reigned! Well, tempus fugit, it has churned itself into a major centre for a holiday getaway. So, pack your bags this winter and travel back in time to the prosperous kingdom of Vijayanagara – Hampi.

Yes, the must-do roadtrip from Bangalore to Hampi – here’s our complete Hampi itinerary and guide.

coffee at hampi with a view - hampi road trip


“Who is the wittiest jester in the land? Tenali, he’s a poet, he’s a clown, Tenali…”

I still remember rushing back from school, getting into a ‘remote’ fight with my brother to watch ‘The Adventures of Tenali Raman’.  Who knew, years later I’d be photographing those exact Mahals and pavilions 🙂

vijaya vittala temple - hampi road trip

Let me now take you through our visit to the Shangri-La of Vijayanagara Empire, Hampi, once a palmy kingdom of King Krishnadevaraya.


  • The nearest station to Hampi: Hosapete Junction (HPT) which is about 13km from Hampi is the closest you can get by train. You can opt to travel overnight from Bangalore, Hyderabad, or Chennai. Buses ply regularly from Hospet to Hampi.
  • Nearest Airport to Hampi: Hubli airport, which is about 160 km, would be the nearest airport to Hampi. Those up for a road trip can always workaround by taking a flight to Bangalore and renting a car from there.
  • By road:  My personal choice would always be to travel by road, a ride through nature’s heart. A road trip to Hampi from Bangalore is quite enthralling. The drive would round-out to 370km from Bangalore. You can also choose to go on a bike ride from Bangalore to Hampi. I’ve mentioned the different routes you can take to go to Hampi from Bangalore below.

Roads to Hampi from Bangalore:

A 370 odd km ride and open your eyes to get gorgonized by the view. Disclaimer (as of 2018), the roads can get pretty bumpy towards the end!


Being a tourist destination you sure won’t run out of options to stay, be it luxury, budget, or camping. There are umpteen choices for hotels in Hampi. Get more information on where to dine and stay in Hampi here. There are also many shacks in Hampi, which would be on the Hippie side of Hampi.

If you are a novice explorer who is not so well-versed at campcraft, Tutti Hampi tents and café is what I’d recommend (updated as of 2018). Experience the tent life with a tint of modernism to it. Tutti Hampi tents and café was where we stayed during our road trip to Hampi. And believe me, it was worth it!

Tutti Hampi Tents and cafe - hampi road trip

Tutti hampi tents and cafe view- hampi road trip

Amidst the paddy fields, enveloped by boulders, Tutti Hampi tents and café offers the perfect view to wake up to.

PS: summer months do get mosquitoes as visitors!

breakfast at tutti cafe- hampi road trip

A perfect disjune before starting to hunt down temples and ruins!


How many days do you need to visit Hampi?

You would need to spend at least 2-3 days to get the best of this place. If you are an architecture/history buff spending a few more days would be advisable. We have outlined a three day Hampi road trip itinerary, one flexible for all ages!

When is the best time to visit Hampi?

Hampi, being the land of boulders, can be seen as a bit arid. Summer months can seriously melt you down to the Earth. It is not just summer, even winters can get pretty hot during the day too. Nights are cool though. Hence, it is always better to plan your trip to Hampi during the winter months – November to February. If you are into festivals, cultural celebrations and don’t mind a large crowd, I’d say February is the best time to visit Hampi. During this time you can also be a part of Hampi Utsav. There is a Hampi festival in November as well.


  • 1st Day: Start your ride from Bangalore to Hampi
  • 2nd Day: Go around temple-hopping at Hampi
  • 3rd Day: Enjoy a perfect cockcrow

Start early from Bangalore, maybe by 6:00 – 6:30 am. As I always say, the break of dawn is the best time to avoid Bangalore traffic.

There are three popular routes to Hampi from Bangalore, with each route offering a different peek into nature’s soul:

  • Bangalore – Tumakuru – Hiriyur – Chitradurga – Hampi
  • Tumakuru – Hiriyur  – Challakere – Hampi
  • Bangalore – Lepakshi – Ananthapur – Bellari – Hampi

We chose to travel via Challakere, a route known to house endless fields of sunflowers (unfortunately our timing was bad). Having booked a four-sharing tent stay at Tutti Hampi tents and café, we decided to drive past the Tungabhadra dam, longer but worthwhile route! The roads leading from Challakere to Hippie island via Tungabhadra dam is kind of remote (as of 2018). Hence, I’d suggest you make a stop at some restaurant near Tumakuru, Kamat Upachar, Siri is recommended.


Things to see en-route on Hampi road trip from Bangalore:

  1. If you are planning to take the Chitradurga route to Hampi make a pit stop at Chitradurga fort
  2. Visit the Chandravalli caves, an archaeological site in the district of Chitradurga
  3. Reconcile at the Sanapura Lake, a quick stop en-route hippie island.
  4. You could also visit the Tungabhadra dam zoo and park, provided time and mood permits
  5. Lepakshi is yet another must-visit for people twitterpated over temple architecture

Once you’ve reached your stay and still have some oomph left, go paseo along the paddy fields. Having taken the longer route and some detours, we managed to reach Hampi by tea time. We headed straight to sunset point Hampi after having a ‘sort of’ high tea at Benjamin’s music café.

meeting locals at hampi - hampi road trip

Picking up small confabulations with these kids selling coffee at sunset point Hampi – A peaceful spot to enjoy the sun’s lullaby along with other fellow travellers.

Night at Hippie island - Hampi road trip

With the sunset checked off the list you should probably let out the hippie in you. Nightfall is when Hippie island comes alive. In and out of stalls and shacks, buying hippie souvenirs, enjoy random hippie food, or even booze till dawn 🙂

PS: DO NOT bother ordering thali meals, roti, rice, or anything similar once in a shack.

DAY 2 – Tuk-Tuk’ing around in Hampi – Temple hopping

You can always opt to kick start your day watching the sunrise at either one of these hills – Hemakuta, Matanga, or Anjandhari. We, however, being lazy-heads decided to push it to the last day of our agenda.

Once you are done filling your breadbasket, arrange for an auto ride. Either rent one or pick up a guided auto tour as we did. Thankfully, our host at Tutti Hampi tents and cafe arranged an auto, or as they call it a ‘Tuk-Tuk’, ride. You can also coracle across (if you are staying at Hippie island) and rent a bicycle/bike. Beware of the scorching heat though!


Things to see in Hampi:

I had already written an extensive guide to things to see and do Hampi. Still, here is a list of things to see in Hampi:

  • Viyaja Vittala Temple
  • Lotus Mahal
  • Elephants stables
  • Queens Bath
  • Sister stones
  • Virupaksha Temple
  • Mahanavami Dibba
  • Achutharaya Temple
  • Hazara Rama Temple
  • Underground Shiva Temple
  • Stepped Tank
Vijaya vittala temple at hampi - hampi road trip

Ornate pillars of Vittala Temple, Hampi

We had our first stop at Vijaya Vittala Temple, most popular among tourists for its stone Chariot and musical (SAREGAMA) pillars. This was followed by the visit to Queen’s bath, Elephants stable, Lotus Mahal, and so on.

Exploring hampi - hampi road trip

That’s my dad narrating some history on Hampi he picked up on the road.

naarial paani at hampi - hampi road trip

Refresh yourself with “Naarial Paani”, you’ll find vendors selling Coconut water, soda lime, or fresh juice in front of almost every site.

Virupaksha temple was our last stop, a temple of might, grandeur, and of-course history – a shrine for Lord Virupaksha (Pampapathi).

virupaksha temple at hampi

What to buy? – Shopping in Hampi

Shopaholic? You’re at the right place. Beside the Virupaksha temple, you have the Hampi bazaar. Here’s a list of souvenirs that you can hoard back home. Few of the Hampi craft highlights include:

  • Lambini embroidered crafts – Lambini is a nomadic community, now settled in Hampi. Their exquisite embroidery works are a must-get if you own a collection of bags, purses, pillow covers etc.
  • Banana Fiber items
  • Handcrafted soft-stone figurines – these are mostly figures of Gods and Goddesses. You’ll also find ornately carved figurines of elephants, bulls, as well as various monuments.
  • Finally, don’t forget to get your Hippie styled clothes from Hippie island.
Anegundi to Hampi during our road trip across hampi

Enjoying the view on our way back towards Anegundi from Hampi.

Spend the evening lounging along the bounders/fields near your stay, enjoying your evening tea amidst the greens.

DAY 3 – Head back to Bangalore

Ease into the day watching the sun loom over the boulders. A suggested place for watching sunrise would be Anjandhari – the monkey hill, Anegundi. It is comparatively an easier climb for all ages.

sunset at sunset point hampi

Unfortunately, we had to skip the sunrise plan before heading back to Bangalore. But I’m super glad I got to witness this mesmeric sunset at Sunset point Hampi.

Head back to Bangalore choosing any one of the above-mentioned routes. If you have an extra day or two to spare, combine this road trip to Hampi trip with a road trip to Badami, Aihole, and Pattadakal.


Whatever the weather you choose to visit, it is always advisable to ‘summerize’ your clothes. Carry cotton clothes, preferably something loose. Also, don’t forget to dump in loads of sunscreen, caps/umbrella, water, and of course the road trip must – a sack full of snacks.

PS: A quick read on things to do and see in Hampi before you plan your ‘Hampi road trip’

Stopover at places like Hampi is mandatory for our generation to realize how much globalization and “invisible communities” have snatched away from us!

Have you paid a visit to the land of boulders before? Do let me know in the comments 🙂

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🙂 That is exactly how I felt once we started exploring Hampi, spellbound! You should definitely go on a road trip to this place if you haven’t…

Your travel guide is pretty good for any enthu traveler to take note and follow..

India is a bundle of great Heritage.. Hampi is one such wonderful place, filled with astounding architecture.. one wonders, why these must turn to ruins!!! Greed to rule, I see nothing else.
Humans will remain so….. what a creation!!!

IKR right! There are so many such places all over India. Hunting them down to bring it to common mans notice and interest is what we at memory carver aim at 🙂

Best ever Tavelogue bit..leaving no stone unturned..! (Over time you could print/license your bits to other mediums !) One would seriously wish you could do more justice to the sights n sounds that the SubCon exudes every corner ! I mean more roadmiles ! Excellent work ethics n sefless engagement as always !

Thanks a lot uncle! 🙂 Memorycarver is trying its best to bring alive our experience to our readers. May be after a while we can think of adding Vlogs too, to help our readers travel along!! 🙂
More travelogues coming up…

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