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Best of Dessert Bazaar 2018, VR Bangalore

Everyone has got a sweet side to their self, right? Well, so do I, especially when it comes to desserts and chocolates. Melt in your mouth cookies, the spongy red velvet cakes, chocolate oozing from pastries #FoodLove. Bangalore’s Dessert Bazaar gave exactly this… a hodgepodge of mouth-watering delicacies. (I was a bit disappointed with the price and crowd though!)


The third edition of Dessert Bazaar 2018 was held at VR Mall, Bangalore, on 17th & 18th of this month. Thought there weren’t many vendors and that things were a bit pricey and that I hate crowd, we did have a delicious experience at this year’s fest. Keep scrolling to see the ‘sweet’ pics I have piled up for you!

  • CHOCOLATE BOMBS spotted during our stop at cookies and crumble #BangOn. Explosion of sweetness and not to mention the vivid explosion of colours!

Chocolate bombs at Dessert Bazaar cookies and crumble at Dessert Bazaar

  • COTTON CANDY 🙂 jars filled with candy that colorfully melts in your mouth as soon as it’s taken in.

Cotton candy store at Dessert Bazaar

  • CUPCAKE MADNESS… This reminded me of Harry Potter. Can you guess the scene? Comment below.

cupcakes at Dessert Bazaar

  • CUTE CUPCAKES by Waverly express. I just love how they make these cute cum creative designs. #BeingInquisitive How can one eat such desserts overloaded with cuteness?

cute cakes at Dessert Bazaar

  • COLOURFUL WAFFLES: Waffle with icecream is what I love. What about you?

colourful waffles at Dessert Bazaar

  • Finally a salad of random  cakes, cookies, tarts, and chocolates!
collage of desserts taken at dessert bazaar

PC: Janhavi  🙂

If they call confectionery as a poetry, does that leave us sweet tooth’s the poets? Gusto for poetry or not I sure did enjoy every flavored line and phrase put together at this years Bangalore dessert bazaar.

PS: Which is your favorite sweet dish? Let me know through the comments 🙂

2 thoughts on “Best of Dessert Bazaar 2018, VR Bangalore”

sweets was never in my scheme of things.. somehow it gets me intoxicated.. however, the colours seem interesting…

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