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As the age goes by…

Yes, they have rhytide, and their hair might have started to Grey- these are not just the ‘ugly’ signs of aging, these are marks of love, care, and guidance that they have lighted throughout their years- they age with the wish to see you in full bloom.

The colour, the redolence, the freshness, the bumblebees hovering…

Indeed a beauty in her prime!

Now, as she lay abandoned, colours lost 

And petals marked with lines that her life had gifted,

waits for least a single butterfly to stop by,

wanting to share some great tales.

Alas, none comes, till the wind breaks it off-

Afloat in harmony she goes.

Age is nothing to be afraid of, it is something that needs to be embraced with grace, spreading the light of wisdom- Master the art of  “Aging Gracefully”

6 thoughts on “As the age goes by…”

There is so much depth in your words,if one cares to think…..really touched my heart…loved it..keep going MC

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