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ORIGIN by Dan Brown – Book Review

Origin, a cobweb of words spun by Brown around Alpha and Omega – the 2 Greek letters symbolizing the beginning and the end. Dan Brown’s creation, Robert Langdon, a Harvard Prof of symbology does it again, this time with a backdrop of Spain.


Author: Dan Brown

Genre: Thriller/Fiction

Goodreads Rating: 3.95

Origin by Dan Brown Book review

 My View on “Origin”

We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us

 It started that evening as an event staged by one of the brightest minds, a well-known prognosticator, an insatiable bibliophile and a self-proclaimed atheist – Mr Edmond Krisch came to a sudden and unexpected halt.

 Having proclaimed to have made a ground-breaking discovery which can potentially usher in a paradigm shift, Krisch plans a grand event at the museum where he is about to reveal the very basics of human existence our ORIGIN- disclose answers to the two main questions asked by mankind where do we come fromand Where are we going?– unfortunately, the perlocutionary speech never reached its end!

 Edmunds once bright eyes were now two lifeless slits!

 Has Krisch made a mistake questioning the fundamental roots of everything?

 Our protagonists Prof Langdon, accompanied by none other than the future Queen of Spain, Ambra Vidal, get caught up in a race against time and people trying to bring to light his students’ ducky achievement – the treacherous hunt to unlock the evenings secret, begins!

the road to the salvation are many, forgiveness is not the only one

 Langdon, through his book, talks about the Palmarian church and religious beliefs. He also goes into describing the growth of AI and its impact on humans.

Who was Avila? Why was he lurking behind the dark?  Who was the regent that he keeps mentioning?

Were Edmund’s revolutionary findings nocent to the human race as the wise men believed? Was that the reason why the bishop and the prince got involved?.. or were they being framed? 

 All answers just a heartbeat away

 Too many questions, quite a simple answer!

 Despite the fact that the book was a bit stretchy, together with the wikipidia’ish deadwood that could have been avoided while detailing art and architecture, the story managed to have me glued till I turned the last page!

PS: Suggested for those in search of something to kill boredom.

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