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RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard – Review

Red Queen is a YA series that was published in February, 2015.


Author: Victoria Aveyard
Genre: Young Adult
Goodreads Rating: 4.1/5


“The silvers stand tall. Our backs are bent by work and unanswered hope.”

Let me start off by introducing the central characters of the red queen as envisioned by Victoria Aveyard. The plot has been set in the backdrop of a world where people are divided as reds and silvers, a division based on the colour of blood – a “simple difference that makes them stronger, smarter, and better”.

Our protagonist, a red born, Mare Barrow, finds herself swirling between truths and lies, peace and rebellion, caught between Cal, the future king, and maven, the future prince, both bleeding silver.

Mare is a seventeen-year-old girl from Stilts, a poverty-stricken red village, who goes about pickpocketing to support her family. Giving up all her hopes, bending down to anguish and misery is when her fate hits “that” turn. Her Moira lands her at ‘Hall of the Sun’, the Palace of Silvers!

"And we shall rise as red as the dawn!" - Red Queen

“And we shall rise, as red as the dawn!” – Red Queen

“Red girl stuck in a sea of silvers”

Join Mare’s fight against silvers, people who she defines as “the ones driven by want and not by need”.

To what extent I enjoyed the Red Queen:

Not a great fan of YA novels, but guess what… my red queen sequels are on its way *yahoo* (Yes, Victoria Aveyard has seamlessly spun together thriller, suspense, romance, Betrayal, and what not… all in the rectos of this book.

I am not sure how much you would be able to digest the storyline if you are a great fan of GOT, Hunger games and other similars – yup it is reviewed that there are a lot of similarities, but then again, the plot and characters did fit in perfect (at least for me).

Two days before, flipping through the pages of red queen, I suddenly found myself facing an unexpected halt, forcing me to #instabook its sequels! – #pageturner

Will Mare rise as a Red Queen? One wrong foot, probably a wrong choice of trust is all it takes for Mare to land herself in the “Bowl of Bones” – an arena where criminals are executed.

To know more about the “silver war which is being paid for in red blood”, to know what godlike powers each red queen character possess, to know more on Cal and Maven (that’s for the girl readers 😉 ) get your red queen series right now.

Glass Sword: https://www.bookchor.com/book/9781409150749/Glass-Sword

Kings Cage: https://www.bookchor.com/book/9781409151197/Kings-Cage

War Storm: It’s the book that’s gonna decide a few dooms!

#believe_not_every_thing_you_read_online as “anyone can betray anyone”, *JustKidding*

PS: Let me know how your read went!

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I really loved the style of the blog, with a great emphasis on the picture on the right and blog on the left. Loved your writing too. Thanks for sharing the link , I will definitely check it there because I saw the same book being sold on this used bookstore the other day bx-zone.com
The links will help me to leverage the price.

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