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Review on LABYRINTH by Kate Mosse

Title: Labyrinth

Genre: Historical Fiction

Goodreads rating: 3.54

“What we leave behind in this life is the memory of who we were and what we did. An imprint, no more.”― Kate Mosse, Labyrinth

Labyrinth by Kate Mosse

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“Pas a Pas, se va luenh

Step by step, we make our way”

“Labyrinth”, an archaeological thriller by Kate Mosse, the first of her Languedoc Trilogy, merges two tales, one of Alais set back in July 1209, and the other of Alice, in July 2005. Mosse in her book, elegantly slips between the thirteenth century and the present, narrating the events that pass through the lives of our protagonists as they try to keep the secret of “The Grail” safe.

“Alice understands that she was destined to finish what had been left unfinished eight hundred years before.”

The story starts with Dr Alice Tanner, on her last day of volunteering at an archaeological dig, discovering a long lost cave- Alice being drawn into it, marking the start of a series of events. The labyrinth and the mysterious symbols carved on the walls of the cave stupefy Alice. The sudden involvement of Mr Authie, along with the disappearance of her friend Dr O’Donnell, leads us through a different route. On further investigation, Alice stumbles upon the verity of her origin- her connection with Alais. The trail takes her to A.S.Baillard, with whom she sets out to protect the Languedoc trilogy, the three books, from reaching the wrong hands.

Who was Alais to Alice Tanner? What are the truths that lie beyond the caves, within the labyrinth? What is the truth of A.S.Baillard? Why does Alice keep hallucinating? Why does this lady keep coming in her dreams?- the answer lies in the folds of Mosse’s Labyrinth- indeed a page-turner!

Although I did read many negative reviews for this book, I felt the plot, the betrayal, the loyalty have all been woven together seamlessly by Mosse, making it a good holiday read! ( I do not know how much the facts stated are true and precise!)

More about the author: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/9343.Kate_Mosse

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