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KR flower Market in Bangalore: All you need to know!

Wondering on how to spend your weekend in Bangalore? Wondering about the fun places or sights to see in and around the city? If your bracket includes not just travel and photography but also a tinge of history, a walk through the lanes of KR Market is just what you need!

Here is quick navigation to that all you need to know about KR Market in Bangalore:

  1. Location of KR Market
  2. KR flower market in Bangalore timings
  3. How to reach KR Market
  4. Why should I visit KR Market in Bangalore? What to Expect.
  5. Stories/History of KR Market
  6. A list of top 10 things to do near KR Market in Bangalore
  7. KR Market in Bangalore – A photo walk
KR Market Bangalore photo

KR Fruit Market lanes, Bangalore


KR market, which expands as Krishna Rajendra Market, or Bangalore’s very own city market, is one of the most famous wholesale markets, and not to forget the largest flower bazaars, around Bangalore. KR Market is situated in Kalasipalaya, Avenue road aka Doddapete square, quite near to Tipu’s Summar Palace.

Bangalore, as we all know, is a city known for its nightlife and traffic. Tucked away among the modern party facade are Bangalore’s very own historical petes.

KR Market in Bangalore

  1. Location: Located near the Mysore road flyover, Kr market’s address is as follows: Kalasipalyam New Extension, Near Avenue Road-Mysore Road Junction, Bangalore.
  2. KR flower market, Bangalore Timings: The market takes form quite early in the morning and would be in action till late night. For photographers in search of frames, I would suggest a time slot between 5:30 am and 6:30 am. This is when you’ll get to see vendors giving life to the market. Those visiting the wholesale market for purchase can also make it early to avoid the rush! PS: KR Market is open on Sundays too.


KR Market bus stand is well connected and can be accessed from most of the bus routes in the city. You can scrape out the most feasible travel option from Moovit, be it bus, train, or metro.

We booked ourselves a cab to escape the hullabaloo of checking bus and metro timings early in the morning.


Having moved to Bangalore, KR Market topped the list of suggestions from fellow photographers. One of the best places to experiment on photography, they said.

Scurrying down the ‘knock-turn’ alleys of KR Market, towards its soul we venture. I see vendors stock up their stalls. Some have already settled in, their faces smiling up at us. “True indeed!”, I mumble, A photographers paradise – a mix of colour and emotions around every corner.

KR flower market Bangalore top view-KR Market

Top view of the hustle and bustle…

The three-storied famous market of Bangalore city is well planned and categorized as follows:

  • The lower ground floor is where you get to meet wholesale flower and fruit vendors.
  • Above which you’ll find dry goods.
  • And the first floor is reserved for tools and machinery.

Krishna Rajendra Market is not just a normal wholesale flower and fruit market in Bangalore. Read on to get a glimpse into the history of KR Market.


Getting to learn about the history of our land is one way we get to taste the different flavours of India. Talking about flavours, markets or bazaar as we call them, do add wonderful flavouring to our Indian culture, and Bangalore bazaar is one such place.

KR Market, established in the year of 1928 and named after the former ruler of Mysore, Krishnarajendra Wodeyar, brims with history. Previously a water tank site, slowly shapeshifting to be a battlefield, the 18th century KR market saw much more than we can imagine.

“It stood a buffer zone,

Bridging the town and the fort.

Fell apart to the British’s hands,

Now lay in peace, a market, for the common man.”

Two buildings, one at the front and one rear, still stands firm, reminding us of our past, the wars we have lost, and the ones we have won!


Here is a list of things to do near KR flower market in Bangalore:

Top things to do near KR Market map

Google map to navigate yourself around.

  1. If you are not comfortable doing a photo walk to KR Market by yourself, feel free to book a historical walk/guided tour.
  2. As I had mentioned before, KR Market is quite close to Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace and Bangalore Fort. So make sure to add it to your itinerary for Bangalores flower market visit. PS: Reach the palace by 8:30-9:00 am to avoid the crowd.
  3. Next on the list would be the  ‘Dodda Basavana Gudi’ with Bull Temple as its main attraction. This is one of the biggest as well as the oldest temples dedicated to Nandi/Bull.
  4. Right next to the Bull Temple we have the ‘Dodda Ganapathi’ Temple, which is again one of the oldest temples around the area.
  5. Surrounding these temples we have a paseo, the Bugle Rock Park. Go for a leisure stroll to breathe in the serenity that surrounds.
  6. Delve into the “art in its classic simplicity” at Bimba the Art Ashram. PS: Do not forget to have a chat with the owners.
  7. Lalbagh and Vishweswaraya Museum are two other major attractions around this area.
  8. If you still have time and energy left, take a ride to the most celebrated ISKCON temple in Bangalore.


The title of ‘photographers paradise’ given to KR Market is truly justified. Let me now take you on a ride of what I got to witness.

KR market fruit vendors bangalore

Wholesale fruits and vegetables market.

KR flower market bangalore

Steering ourselves among the crowd we managed to reach the basement beyond which lies the heart of KR flower market.

KR Market vegetables

Sorting out fresh chillies – It was quite fascinating to see how they get their work done fast and efficient.

flowers at KR market

KR Market, a place of must visit, not just coz you are a photo freak, but because you get to see how people survive, how they enjoy what they do. It is indeed a place that brims with history, more importantly with ‘their’ stories!

KR Market heritage walk image

It certainly is a different feel; walking amidst these flower vendors, each one of them calling out to you, smiling for your lens. Certainly would give you an insight on what vigour and vibrancy are all about.

flowers at KR flower Market bangalore

Name a flower and you get it here… This colourful wholesale market is indeed a photographers paradise.

KR flower Market in bangalore - wholesale flowers

You get to see vendors with their spread of flowers at almost every pavement in the lanes of KR market. People here are quite pleasant and friendly, making it easy to start a conversation!!!

vendors at bangalore flower market

Just as we were about to leave, the crowd had us navigated towards this shop, the 4 big piles of ‘Pori’ lined up didn’t fail to catch my attention!

8 thoughts on “KR flower Market in Bangalore: All you need to know!”

This is a wonderful read. Been in Bangalore for quite some time now & still haven’t visited KR Market although I take buses from Kalasipalya on my way back home.

Awesome read. Would recommend this website to others as well 👍🏻

Thanks Rithwik, glad you liked the read!

You should certainly get yourself to spend an hour or two at this market, early weekend morning would be cool. It would really hone your skills as a photographer. Most importantly it’ll teach you to look beyond what you see!

Somehow your vlogs come to be as exhaustive n complete that it leaves one with the feel of having actually “gone” there..! Its transcending at best ! Thanks Meera for such insightful bits even as much as best hrs for photography.. never saw that coming from anyone else ! Cheers !

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