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How would the world look like if the R, G, and B were to be drained off? Plain? Dull?- I would say, quite monotonous, right? Yes, colours are meant to define.


Indeed, life is a colouring book. Each birthday God fills in our palette with one colour needed to fill our life’s pages – from the white of innocence and purity to the gold of triumph as we age. Hmm, one colour a year… now that is slow- we are given a whole year to imbibe it’s significance, to apply them, and to perform experiments- yes, mix it with the previous gifts wisely. Certain colours are to be discovered from these trials, for eg. Turquoise, when you mix a particular amount of blue and yellow- Integrity and loyalty with a proper magnitude of a cheerful and optimistic intellect are sure to add a heart-warming pigment to life. Once you uncover this, you would earn green your next birthday, balance and growth in life!


Existence is not all about success and growth, is it? Intuition and imagination along with unconditional love and care are needed to complete us- this was why we were gifted with indigo, purple, and pink. Apart from these, one has to learn the need of grey in life, the need to compromise.


Colours are meant to fill, if it goes beyond shape the effects can be gruesome- every colour has it’s negative too, mix with care! When you have got your cheer, your yellow, don’t overdo it that it turns out as ego and greed- You just have one life, colour it perfect! 🙂

colour your life perfect

As is said:-

“Sometimes you might have to see people as a crayon. They might not be your favourite colour, but you need them to complete the picture.”

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