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Bougainvillea Art

An idle mind is an artist’s workshop” – I had so much fun creating this Bougainvillea piece of art, and even more fun in jotting down the verse below.

Besides the Bougainvillea vines, I sat,

looking vacantly, as the sun

sink down the orange waves of dusk,

the wind roaring past my hair,

in a hurry into the wilderness.

It whispered something into my ears,

I could hear them cry!- My thoughts,

its urge to break free and flow along

with the wind into the wild!

4 thoughts on “Bougainvillea Art”

Thank you so much 😊 I found that half of the population loves to just run through photos than actually read 😅😅 and of course I love to click and draw as much as I love to write!!!

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