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Q”ween” of Hearts ❤

I used to be a great Miley Cyrus music addict a long time back, humming along when I get to hear them. This one still remains on my playlist:

“ Who owns my heart?

Is it love or is it art?

…… ”

Well, for this article it sure is ‘love’ for me :), My curio towards photography..!

Howdy, all.

Vacations at times do turn out to be jobless months. This idle state of mine was what directed me to the idea of ‘Heart-Art’ – a series of five photographs. I have been busy collecting clicks for this purpose, and believe me, the task was not as simple as how the photographs look..!


Looking through a heart into another: A wanderlust Soul-Gazer.

This pic has been focused through a heart punched into an old card that was kept to be thrown away.  Hard to predict what can come

handy and when..!


Don’t keep your heart arid and dry , Embed into the cotton-candy cloud mesh,  And let it wing sky-high.

I had to dawdle around my house with this sun-baked leaf for an hour or two to find this perfect blueish-white merge.

Neon red:

A portable study lamp connected to a power bank curved in the shape of an incomplete heart, mirror and shutter helped to gimmick the rest 😉


Pebbles break, so does heart..! But sometimes, these crevices might turn out to be the resource for light to elucidate

 the darkness, adding beauty to our vision.

Capturing this image was indeed fun, the challenge in transforming a broken pebble into a broken heart.

Ideas might seem quite simple as a circle but its insight can turn out to be deep and difficult as *heart* – My Ring of love

Creativity can come surging in sometimes, but this special one, inspired from the quote:

Looks can be deceiving,’

did require a great deal of my time and patience.

#fav_ring  #engineering_book  #torch_light #steady_hands #dark_room

Bringing alive creativity through photos does give me immense pleasure, especially the challenge in reproducing what I have in mind through my  ‘super-ordinary’ Cannon SX600HS.

PS: Do leave a comment on which heart owned yours.

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